Rindu, itu tanda sayang.


Sebelum aku tidur, kamulah orang terakhir yang aku ingat. Selepas bangun tidur, kamulah orang pertama yang aku ingat. Jujur, aku rindu.


NEVER stop praying for all those suffering and bleeding in gaza! WHY? Because our dua’s are more powerful than israel and we need to remember that! <3


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It’s okay if I’m not
your favorite
chapter you have
but I hope you
sometimes smile
when you flip
back to the pages
I was still a part of.



فطور رمضان حول العالم

Breakfast Ramadan around the world



Semasa kita lena dibuai mimpi,
enak menjamah makanan,
bergembira bersama rakan,
saudara Islam kita di Palestin sedang berperang.

Dunia memekakkan telinga,
Membisukan mulut,
Membutakan mata.

I wish i can do something about it.
I wish i can make a difference.
But i’m just a coward.

I am a coward.


Ya Allah, replace their sadness with hope.

Ya Allah, replace their weakness with strength.

Ameen. (👶👦👧👨👩👴👵) 😭😭

#Pray4Gaza #GazaUnderAttack (at PrayForGaza)


Dear Muslimin, let’s free Gaza. Make du’aa for our brothers and sisters. #freegaza #prayforgaza


You kill them (innocent people) one by one and yet you call them the terrorist? This is really heartbreaking! How do this ruthless people even manage to sleep at night? Terrorist are those who do bad things and not just anybody who wear hijab or someone who believe in Islam. If you think you’re smart then you should know that. There are far more important things to do in this world, do not make killing a hobby. This has to end.

If you have a heart and you see actual photos of the killing; Muslim or Non-muslim, you will PRAY FOR GAZA.

(Photo credit: Carlos Latuff)


"Doa kamu dan kesedihan, adalah ini, yang saling menyatu, bersama-sama. Tiap waktu. Tiap Waktu!" - Pidi Baiq


..and make me better than what they think I am.